Live Band / Artist Recording

Professional Sound

Stereo feed directly from the desk or have one of your recorded tracks overdubbed onto the video.

Multi Camera Shooting

Multiple cameras can be setup along with a run and gun setup to get the action from all angles. 

Why make a music demo to promote my band?

These days there isn’t anything more important to a band or artist marketing themselves than a music video. As a musician, you should be sharing a consistent stream of new, high-quality videos with fans. A music video will promote your band’s music and give you a professional visual piece to send out to venues, record labels and key influencers in your music genre. If your band does not have a professional music video your chances of getting taken seriously and being discovered are far less.

Fans see you in-person, and video is the only way to share that live experience with a friend. Getting new people out to shows, or talking about your music with others, requires you to give fans the resources to both discover and share your music.

4K Cinematic Quality

 Industry standard cameras and gear produce exceptional quality videos with a cinematic crisp and clear look.

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